Change is the only constant variable in our efforts to keep abreast with latest technology and to keep our R&D team busy. R&D has been our main forte, in being different from the rest.
New developments 2007:
Non Cyanide Silver  
Cyanide-free, mildly alkaline silver plating solution offering high chemical stability & outstanding deposit quality.
Silver Anti Tarnish  
Probrite Paste : Deposits transparent, colorless protective coatings.
Bright nickel  
Turbo 1000: for rack. Produces high leveled brilliant bright nickel deposits.
ULTEC 3001  
Low temperature, non yellowing electrophoretic lacquer system for builder hardware application.
ULTEC 3002  
Low temperature, non yellowing electrophoretic lacquer system for Jewellery application.
HSR 415  
Non yellowing nanocomposite cathodic electrocoat process. ‘
Electrophoretic system which offers viscoelastic recovery together with other advance properties.
Spray Metalizing  
A silver conductive coating on any non conductive object.
Bulk plating – the right way for using high performance electroplating barrels.
Non Cyanide Zinc and Zinc Alloys  
Alkazyn is sodium based alkaline non-cyanide zinc plating process for rack & barrel.
Zyncoloy NCZ Fe : Alkaline non cyanide zinc iron alloy plating for rack & barrel which produces zinc alloy
  containing iron.
Zyncoloy NCZ Ni (Barrel) :  Alkaline zinc nickel process  for barrel operations.
Zyncoloy NCZ Ni (Rack) : Alkaline non cyanide zinc nickel alloy plating for process for rack.
Acid Copper  
Alfa Plus: Bright copper bath for high brilliance, low stressed and ductile deposits.
Automatic Plant for Dip Printing