Alloy Plating
Processes Application / Features
Tin nickel alloy deposit. High tarnish resistant. Good throwing power.
Black Nickel Plating. Deposit – nickel alloy. Sulphate bath. Deposit color brilliant black.
Anthracite coloured, brightness-maintaining deposit. Corrosion resistant. Light to dark shade possible.
ZINCO Brass plating process which can be used as undercoat in Imitation Jewellery. Alloy of copper and zinc.
BRONZEX Decorative yellow bronze Process. Free from free cyanide or hydroxide. Ideally suited to replace bright nickel deposits for nickel free applications.
PROLLOY White bronze. Brilliant Silver/Nickel coloured ductile bronze deposit. Can be used as undercoat for Nickel free plating.
ZINKAL Zincate Process for Aluminum & its alloys which allows electroless nickel to be plated directly on them. Cyanide free zincate.
Coloring of Metals:
Processes Application / Features
Bronze Brass
Dip process to produce antique colour effects over copper, brass or copper-plated components by dip process.
Blackening Salt Process that offers fit black coatings on copper and copper alloys. Ideally suitable for buttons.
Black Coluring Ni 780 Ni 780 can produce brown to black coating on Nickel and Silver.
Anti Tarnish for
Antique Surfaces
Provides a tarnish for deposits from Bronze brass, Blackening salt & Cplex processes.