Processes Application / Features
Alcleaner 1000
A non-etch low alkalinity (pH 9) powdered cleaner for aluminum. This heavy duty non-silicated cleaner tolerates heavy loading and is excellent for removal of buffing compounds and oils.
Alcleaner 1100
A non-etch low foaming alkaline cleaner. Product is in liquid form for ease of use. This non-silicated cleaner is effective against buffing compounds, oils, greases, and other soils.
Alcleaner 1200
A non-silicated, non-phosphated low foaming liquid alkaline cleaner capable of removing large amounts of buffing compound. This completely non etching cleaner is specifically designed as a pretreatment for bright work such as lighting reflectors. It is not designed to emulsify oils.
Alcleaner 1300
A phosphoric acid cleaner concentrate with solvating and detergent action. Useful for conversion coating pretreatment.
Alcleaner 1400 (A)
A solvent and detergent package that is added to the customer’s phosphoric acid to produce a high performance acid cleaner.
Alcleaner 1500
A completely non-etching citric acid cleaner useful for removal of buffing compounds, grease, oils, and other soils. A defoamer is added so that air agitation may be used.