White Metal Plating Processes : SILDIOR
Processes Application / Features
Decorative Rhodium Plating Process. Highly reflective, mirror bright, extremely hard deposits.
Ruthedium Plating Process. Hard, stable, dark coloured deposit for decorative & industrial applications.
Neutral Palladium Plating Process. Specially developed to produce palladium coatings of 99.9% purity.
PALTECH Palladium nickel & nickel palladium alloy process. Based on amine complexes of palladium nickel.
PLATIDIOR Platinum Plating Process. Used extensively in industrial applications.
Silver Plating
Processes Application / Features

High efficiency Silver Brightener for decorative and electronic application.


Silver brightener for electronics.

Anti Silver Anti Tarnish
Processes Application / Features

Anti Tarnish for Silver. Electroless passivation bath, which deposits transparent colourless protective coatings. The produced layer protects the silver surface from formation of silver sulfide, so decoloration can be prevented for longer period of time.

LAC - CHROME - E Cromate based anti tarnish for silver.