(Equipment Division of PECPL)
involved into manufacturing of Equipments required for Electro Plating & Electrophoretic Lacquer, powder coating, anodizing industries since last 2 decades. Following are the details of the manufacturing activities:

  1. Plating Plants
    1. Fully Automatic Plants
    2. Semi Automatic Plants
    3. Modular Plants
    4. Manual Plating Plants
    5. Electrophoretic Ultra filtration System with TRAP.

  2. Racks for various applications
    1. PCB, Automotive, Decorative, Builder Hardware, Anodizing etc.

  3. Barrels
    1. Fully submerged Barrel
    2. Hanger Type barrel
    3. Barrels for small electronic components (In association with tscherwitschke GmbH, Germany)

  4. Plating Plant Accessories
    1. PP Tank
    2. MS Lead bonding Tank for Anodizing.
    3. SS Tank
    4. Magnetic Filters (Different capacities)
    5. Dryers (Different capacities) (2 Kg. to 50 Kg.)

  5. Small Plant System for Jewelery
    1. Table Top Model Plant for Rhodium,
    2. Pen Plating Unit

  6. Mass Finishing Equipment
    1. Vibratory Polishing Unit (3 in 1)
    2. Circular Vibrators -100 Ur. To 1200 Ur
    3. Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine
    4. Mini Drag Finishing Machine (In association with Walther Trowal, Germany.)

  7. Pickling Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant

  8. Lab Equipments
    Hull cell (ordinary) Acrylic / PP
    Hull cell with heater And
    energy control
    Chrome Testing Hull Cell PVC
    Sulphate Testing Kit For accurate determination of sulphate in chrome bath.
    Salt Spray unit Acrylic

  9. Vibrators (Manufactured in India)
    Box type vibrator Integrated system for deburring and finishing of metal.
    Round Vibrator Integrated system for deburring and fine finishing of metal.

  10. Equipments : Cleaning Systems
    Ultraclean 2006 A new ultrasonic cleaning system.
    Ultimate parts cleaning system
    100% stainless steel.
    Maximum versatility.