Excellence is the company of our associates and collaborators. And an attribute of our people who are highly
  qualified, dedicated and ever ready to go the extra mile.
Excellence is the reach of our sales  and marketing network; we are present in almost every nook and corner of the
Excellence is the celebration of our spirit in transporting the Indian metal finishing industry to toa global scale.

LVH Coating Ltd.

Specialists in electrocoating. LVH manufactures around 185 tones of products of which more than 80% is exported to developing countries through 14 distributors worldwide.
Website : www.clearclad.co.uk


Specialist Zinc & Zinc alloy technology

Website : www.anjogmbh.com


Ebara-Udylite Co. Ltd.

The Equipment Division Manufacturers and sells fully automatic surface treatment machines for automotive and electric parts. PWBs and IC lead frames, whereas the Chemicals Division manufactures and sells chemicals for decorative plating of copper, nickel, chromium, etc. and chemicals for the functional plating field for PWBs and electronic parts.
Website : www.eu.ebara.com


Richard Tscherwitschke GmbH.

Tscherwitschke  has over 40 years experience in the production of electroplating components and is a European market leader.
Website : www.tscherwitschke.com


Cheng Feng-Chih Hui Co., Ltd.

Providers of technology for dip printing.

Website: http://www.sages.com.tw


Application Of Special Treatments For Chemical And Electrochemical Refining Of Metal Surfaces & Finishing Touch For All Stainless Steel

Website: www.poligrat.co.uk


French-based paints and resins manufacturer Mader is one of the premier independent suppliers of protective coatings in Europe. Mader has consolidated its strong position within the industry through their continuing exploration of the latest paint and coating technologies.

Website: www.mader-group.com

Umicore Electroplating

Umicore Electroplating is among the leading suppliers of precious metal electrolytes and special processes for electroplating. Umicore Electroplating develops, manufactures and sells on a global scale precious metal and base metal electrolytes, precious metal components, dimensional stabile anodes and platinum coatings

Website: www.umicore-galvano.com/en