Processes Application / Features
Aquapolish Nitric and free chemical polishing of brass.
Alu Brite Smoothens, brightens and deburrs aluminium bright dip alloy.
Copper Brite 500
Liquid acid solution for chemical polishing of copper, leaded brass and other copper based alloys.

Electropolishing : Elgrit

Processes Application / Features
ELGRIT 100 Electropolishing solution for Aluminium & aluminium alloys. It will smoothen, brighten and to some extent deburr the alloys simultaneously. Silicon containing alloys do not brighten.
ELGRIT 200 Electropolishing solution has the ability to produce smooth, brilliant finishes on copper & copper alloys, such as commercial bronze, red brass, spinning brass, phosphorous bronze. Leaded brass does not electro polish.
Finest solution for electropolishing austenitic grades of stainless steel. True “mirror bright” finish possible.
ELGRIT 400 Electropolishing solution capable of producing bright finishes on straight chrome stainless steel. Intricate shapes and insides of objects can easily be finished to a high luster.