Nickel Plating Processes : NICKELAGE
Processes Application / Features
Semi Bright Nickel process. Suitable for rack plating of Automotive parts.
Microporous Nickel deposit improves corrosion - resistance of Nickel chrome deposits systems. Suitable for rack plating on automotive parts.
High sulfur nickel process. Suitable for rack plating on automotive parts in multilayered nickel deposit.
Barrel Nickel Brighteners : NITEC BARRO
Processes Application / Features
TURBO 2000

Bright barrel plating high performance process. Excellent brightness & high leveling at LCD areas. Ductile deposit. Suitable for auto & plastic parts.

Rack Nickel Brighteners : NITEC RAC
Processes Application / Features
TURBO 1000

High leveled brilliant, ductile, low stressed deposit. Readily accepts chrome. Ideal for fully automatic lines.

NITEC L 977 Plus

High leveled brilliant deposit. Suitable for auto parts.

NITEC B 3000 Excellent low current density. Very ductile. Ideal for imitation jewellery.
Nickel Leveller
Processes Application / Features
TURBO B Carrier

Used in combination with Turbo 1000 & Turbo 2000.

NITEC JL Used in combination with Nitec L 977 Plus.
NITEC B 22 Used in combination with Nitec 3000.

Nickel Purifier

Processes Application / Features

Improved bright throwing power, used to hide the effects of copper, zinc on the deposit.


Nickel Booster

Processes Application / Features

Used in combination with Turbo 1000, Nitec L 977 Plus & Nitec B 3000. Nitec S 44 Plus increases the throw and brightness tremendously in the low current density areas. Suitable for auto mufflers.

Satin Nickel Processes: PEARLMATT
Processes Application / Features

3 additive system. Aluminium like deposit. Suitable for faucets, builder hardware, jewellery, plating on plastic.

BARROPEARL 3 additive system. Barrel satin nickel process. Suitable for muffers.