Copper Plating Processes : COPPERAGE
Processes Application / Features

Cyanide based bright Copper process. Deposits are very active. System can be sodium base or Potassium base.
ALFA 210

Bright acid copper process. Excellent low current density brightness, suitable for imitation jewellery.

ALFA 210 PLUS Bright acid copper process, excellent leveling & brightness. Low stressed deposit suitable on plastic.
ALFA 211 Low cost acid copper process, high brightness in a short time. Suitable for imitation jewellery.
FLUX (Acid Copper Brightener)
Processes Application / Features

High performance bright acid copper bath for printed circuit boards. Deep throwing power, superior thermo shock properties.


The chloride type rotogravure acid copper process. Acid copper plating process for cylinders. High speed plating is possible.

EL-RD Acid Copper plating processes for electrical rods.