Plating Plants
Products Applications / Features
B-3 - Table top plating plant

Portable design.
Material : PP/ SS
Suitable for gold, silver, Rhodium Plating.
Easy to handle, high quality and low costs.

Pen Plating Unit
Suitable for selective plating.
Plating plants
Automatic Plants
Semi Automatic Plants
Console plants
Manual Plating Plant
( As per customer requirement )
Exhaust System with Scrubber
Effluent treatment plant
Clamps Material: Copper /MS / SS / PP
Plating Tanks
Products Applications / Features
M S tank with PVC /PP lining
( As per customer requirement )
P.P. Tanks
M S tank with lead bonding
Stainless steel tank
Cathode Movement
Products Applications / Features
Cathode movement with gear box and meter

General application

Snake type cathode movement with gear box and meter Suitable for satin Nickel system
Cathode Movement with D.C. Suitable for Hull Cell
Top Cathode Movement For gold line
Products Applications / Features
Racks for Manual / Automatic plating line

For automobile, watch industry, jewelery, anodizing, PCB, paint, Plating line of ABS.

Miscellaneous Items
Ampere Minute counter
Titanium Baskets
Heaters -S S / Titanium / Teflon / glass