Progressive Chemicals Corporation was established in 1972 founded by Mr. Kumar Shah. Like the rolling stone that gathers no moss, we've been on the move for the past 30 years, staying in touch with global trends, updating technologies, developing newer applications. Leaving no stone unturned to put the Indian metal finishing industry on par with the world's best.

In fact, Progressive Chemicals Corporation was set up over 30 years ago with this very objective, but technology was in its infancy. So we manufactured metal finishing chemicals, focused on decorative finishes, and waited for the revolution.

It followed soon after. The manufacturing industry started growing and the Indian metal finishing industry had to cater to demands for functional and industrial applications. Armed with an expanded product line and a renewed vision, PCC emerged into Progressive Electroplating Chemicals Private Limited. Transforming itself from a company that offered solutions to one who set standards in metal finishing.